10 Meditative Steps to Manifest Abundance


In today’s world, most of us think that we have to squeeze out every inch of effort and wits to reach that financial status that we want. And so, we work day-and-night, whether it’s for that job promotion or a business expansion that we’ve been eyeing for a long time now.

True enough, working our butts out will be the quickest way to do it. By combining our passionate efforts with strategic and tactical planning, we are most likely to achieve the results that we want in life.

But in some instances, this may not necessarily work. For some reason, things don’t work out the way we want them to, even with all the work and effort dedicated into it. It seems that destiny is simply a hand that we can’t beat, with all its cards perfectly countering our plays.

And so, if that’s the case for you, or you need that spark to begin in your journey, this article will help you in achieving it. By exploring the spiritual aspect of attracting abundance, we can tap into the unlimited energy of the cosmos to guide us in this journey.

With that, we will be imparting ten effective meditative steps to manifest abundance! In this article, we’ll begin with the first three interconnected steps which will help you meditate on abundance. After which, the rest of the tips will be of effective symbols and guidelines to follow to amplify your prosperity meditation technique.

1. Prepare yourself to begin with meditation

As with all meditation techniques, it is crucial for us to properly set up and prepare ourselves for the task-at-hand. This means that we begin by taking note of internal and external factors that may affect the whole activity of meditation.

You can do this by emptying your mind at least 30 mins before the actual meditation, ensuring that you aren’t concentrating on anything else. If you have other priorities like meeting with a friend, it’s best to postpone either this activity or other commitments.

As for your surroundings, it is best to stay in a well-lit room (preferably one where natural air and light may flow) while ensuring that there will be no unnecessary disturbance. This will effectively prevent any unnecessary distractions to the whole meditation process.

Furthermore, some of the basic steps in this meditation require you to engage in a series of breathing in-and-out and sitting in meditative form like the Indian sit.

Finally, make sure to allocate a specific amount of time, at least another 30 minutes for the whole activity.

2. Start by envisioning yourself in abundance

With all meditation activities, it is imperative for you to have a crystal-clear vision of what you want to achieve. After all, if you can’t envision yourself in success, it will be an uphill battle for you. To see it even more clearly you need to calm yourself down.

Being able to see yourself swimming in success is the key to this meditation, as we are not only inviting positive energies in. Simultaneously, what we are trying to do is to influence our unconscious thoughts, such that our vision may extend to it.

To do this, you can begin by making sure that your Third-Eye chakra is not blocked. Blockage in this charka point will make it difficult for us to see ourselves in success.

To remove any unnecessary stoppage, you can use a black healing crystal upon performing the standard third eye meditation technique of placing your right hand on it.

3. As you begin envisioning, feel it flowing through you

Assuming that you have already arrived at your desired vision, the next step to complete the meditation process is to just let it flow through you. The key in this step is being able to emphatically resonate with the image that you want, allowing it to be part of you instead of a distant idea of the self.

Sometimes, we fail to achieve what we want simply because even when we can envision them, we just fail to resonate with them. When you see yourself as a doctor, an engineer, or even a wealthy businessman, you may fail in achieving this if you are unable to embody this vision.

As such, it is crucial in this meditation step to consider how we can integrate such idea into our being. We can do this by trying to feel the energy flowing within us like a waterfall, filling our spiritual self with the vision of who we want to be.

4. Harness the power of White Light

In envisioning that success and abundance through meditation, harnessing the power of white light is one of the most popular ways to do it.

As commonly understood, white light is like a spiritual ray of transparent or white energy that flows through us. Generally, people agree that this white light is the embodiment of positive energy which means that it can improve chakra points and the overall flow within us.

With the help of white light, we will be able to clear out our minds from negativity and promote positive thought. In doing this, we get to attract that abundance mindset, the one that has constantly eluded us for so long.

You can channel this white light by trying to access your fifth dimension. This can be done by an intermediate level of meditation. Although white light is available for all, it requires constant resonance with one’s spirit to harness such power.

5. Bath in Abundance

Another vision of yourself that can help you meditate for abundance and prosperity this 2019 is bathing in abundance.

And by this, what we mean is that in your vision of yourself, you must picture-out a version of you who is swimming in gold or standing in a rain of cash. While seemingly dreamy and movie-like, this is a powerful mindset motivator that can easily change the game for you.

In ancient times, we can see socio-cultural references wherein kings and emperors surrounded themselves with tons of gold. This kept them clear about their vision and its gains, leading them to become motivated to further expand their territory.

Similarly, picturing yourself out in such a situation will make you more attuned to abundance, prosperity, and success. By being able to see yourself in such a situation, even when you don’t have a room filled with gold, the power of your imagination can guide you through. Such visualisations are also proven to increase the thinking capacity of your brain.

Whoever can make it rain, controls the game

Most of us know of such as a classic saying in the business world. With historical reference, rain was perceived as a miracle and a blessing in the sky. This was primarily because when people failed to understand what rain was and how it came to be, it was perceived to be caused by a mystical force.

Nowadays, this phrase has been attributed to individuals who can make innovations in the business world. By way of innovation, one can create a new market niche following a blue ocean strategy.

As such, visualizing yourself as being able to make it rain can be a good sign for abundance. By seeing yourself as the “rain bringer” you will become a visionary in the business world, being able to present fresh and new ideas in understanding the saturated commonplace. Harness this power, and you can quickly become abundant in no time!

7. Meditate on the color of money

The color of money is often associated with gold. By meditating on this color, you will not only be doing the law of attraction but also be actively engaging in programming prosperity in your unconscious mind.

And what’s more, is that this kind of meditation does not necessitate that you engage in the systematic practice of meditating for wealth. Instead, you can proceed by just slowly integrating this color in your daily dealings.

By doing so, you can easily program your subconscious mind into abundance and prosperity. Consciously influencing it can bring you closer to success given that it can empower you to make good and rational choices even when they are beyond the bounds of safety.

8. The concept of Smelling the Leather

As one of the highly sought marketing gurus, Dan Lok has popularized his version of being able to physically feel wealth. In one of his principles, he mentioned that he has always taught his students the concept of smelling the leather.

In this concept, Dan Lok tells us that if we want something, we should actually go and try it. When he wanted that new car he was dreaming of; he always went to the dealership to smell the leather seats, fully internalizing the feeling of being there in his dream car.

Using the same principle, we can smell the leather by physically feeling symbols of abundance such as money and jewelry. Meditating with such in mind can help you stand closer to your goal; being able to feel the goal that you want to achieve. Even when it is only a fraction of it, it is still a fraction. Allowing yourself to be immersed in it will help you internalize prosperity, success, and abundance.

9. Envision yourself comfortable in success

Another way of meditating to attract success and prosperity this 2019 is by envisioning ourselves as comfortable with success. Just as Dan Lok mentioned, sometimes, people have this fear of success simply because they aren’t accustomed to it.

When we are so used to seeing ourselves in a negative situation, it’s quite difficult to envision success. Being comfortable with our failures, excuses, and compromises is one of the mental blocks that prevent us from achieving more in life.

But while we may be unsuccessful in the real world as we speak, our mind is a portal of infinite possibilities that is purely dependent on the kind of imagination that we can muster.

Taking advantage of this creative space is the key, allowing us to see ourselves in a successful situation, effectively changing our psyche to favor a more abundant and prosperous approach in life.

10. Be attuned with Happiness

Lastly, abundance, success, and prosperity are meaningless when we aren’t attuned with happiness. After all, while they are worthy of being goals, these things are mere stepping stones to our perception of happiness.

Ultimately, one of the reasons why this pursuit is sought is because we want to be one with happiness itself. Otherwise, why would we even strive to be happy and great in our lives?

As such, in our meditation series, it is equally vital to envision ourselves in a position where we are truly happy with what we are doing and where we are going. This is important because while we may direct our energies to abundance and prosperity, lacking the core value or meaning behind makes it altogether pointless





Author:  Chris, the head writer at Individualogist.com, a spirituality and self-discovery website that uses its proprietary archetype quiz to identify people’s dominant personality types. You can connect with him on FB and Instagram.

Image: Tibetan Thangka – Green Tara Goddess Mandala by Serge Averbukht

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