Argentina Mi Amor!

tango buenos aires la boca carlos gardel

I was inspired to write this post by the coincidence which happened yesterday.

In the center of Berlin, in a post office I bumped into a blond smiling German girl. The face looked familiar… Sabrina! Sure!

A girl with whom I spent a few sweet days in Salta, Argentina. We haven’t seen each other since my trip to Latin America, and we weren’t aware that we both now live in Berlin.

Vague reminiscences of crossing the hectic Bolivian – Argentina boarder with her.. Two blond girls towering the messy crowd, queening to enter the more developed Argentina.

After that I went to a movie evening to my friends and we were watching beautiful “Happy Together” by Wong Kar-wai, with a reccuring sound of tango apasionado .

Yes… I needed to travel my mind back to Argentina!


My experience with Argentina started in Salta. A nice group of newly met people, everyday cheered up by a sincere smile of Lolo, a beautiful little argentinian wonder. A few days passed calm and lovely, before we all split up.
I continued my travel to Mendoza, located in the middle of the vineyards. Biking around them, a little tipsy from trying the Argentinian wine. Oh delicious Malbec!
And later I made it all the way south until Ushuia. A little stopover in Chile ( artistic Valparaiso located on the hills and seem too huge to be my favorite Santiago de Chile).
Long journey through Patagonia, full of breathtaking landscapes. A French and Hungarian fellows met on the road.
Me, jumping from happiness when my cousin sent me a picture with a pregnancy test with two stripes. The first baby in our family from the new generation!
glacier perito moreno
Glacier Perito Moreno argentina
That surrealistic landscape all around. Fin Del Mundo (es. end of the world). Can it sounds more challenging for such a wanderer as I am? Such a fresh air and the proximity of the world known glaciers. Money melting fast in that overpriced End of the world, reaching which was worth every single penny I’ve spent there.
Later I head only more south and south. Patagonia impressed me and for the first time with the enough strong force opened my eyes that nature is the way to go if you dare to try to understand anything from this world.
Wierd town El chalten in the middle of the mountains. Me losing my impatient trekking partners because i wanted to take more pictures  of the woodpacker. The lovely creature was so photogenic!
Three Israeli boys sharing cookies with me on our way up. Ushuaya, the southernomst city in the world. Me hanging out with Marloon, meeting a handsome Swedish sailor who really wanted to show me his boat. I never seen the boat which I may regret now.
A place to Buenos Aires. The first week I spend in a big, famous, noisy, youth hostel close to the Avenide del Mayo. Crazy people from around the world, touristy Palermo, concert of Calvin Harris. Hmm I can swallow a bit of trushy pop culture from time to time. It was even a refreshing experience in a way.
Buenos aires casa rosada avenida de mayo2
The rest of my stay passed more calm and refined.
Buenos Aires! Heavy, huge, elegant, taking what’s best from the European culture without losing it’s Lationamerican passion.
My internship in the Embassy of Poland past fast. Relaxed ambasadour were happy to live their lives in a beutfiful villa of Belgrano, taking care of their mops dogs. They said the dogs were the campions.
Amazing time. Me in my old stylish office translating articles which maybe interesting for polish investors on Latinamerican.
My love with tango. I visited La Catedral, with a particular attention to the classes given by hot Maria and her young handsome dancers and El Indio. I went there whenever I could to enjoy the wine, music and this incredible dance/theater atmosphere.
tango buenos aires la boca
tango dancers buenos aires milonga palermo san telmo cathedral
During my two months i  Buenos Aires I managed to meet with Lolo again. She introduced me to her family. Hanging out in the traditional environment of Belgrano, a bourgois area of Buenos Aires, reminded me of France. Elegant, knowing how to cherish the  family connections with their both beauty and burdens.
Living in San Telmo. Walking around. Sharing apartment Mi Casa, with strangers from around the world.
I miss that time.

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