I always wanted to be a painter, but the dream seemed too big to believe in it.

Since I acquired an ability to hold a pencil I was creating images at least few hours a day from 4 30 am until the adults found a better task for me to do.

You can paint ‘for fun‘, in your ‘free time‘. ‘It will never bring you money!‘, ‘You want to paint? I think you should be a writer’. That’s some of the opinions I’ve heard when  I suggested to my close ones that painting is what I want to do.

It took me many years before I came back to creating images, and I know I will never abandon my love again.

Observing the real world and the world of my dreams, playing perception development games in my head,  training how I see things according to what I want to see – these are still my very favourite activities.

Every feeling, person or a name has a specific colour association for me, which is called synesthesia. When I discovered that is not a typical thing as I always thought I started to believe that what I feel while interacting with colours is unique.

It’s quite funny or sad that for many years I was not able to wear anything colourful as all the colours were screaming too loud for me. I still consider using certain colours in the urban environment as visual violence towards people like me, but let this be a topic for another post.

Sometime in October 2016, in the middle of spending another hour in the office in a city jungle of Berlin Mitte, it dawned on me:

‘I AM A PAINTER. And I will do all that I can to become a great one.’

Since then I paint almost every day. I treat it as professionally and I can with a full commitment. I spend all my spare money on painting courses and the best quality materials I can afford.

When I don’t paint I dwell into the imaginary world in my head and feel the images. Or I silently observe the environment, landscapes, my thoughts, my feelings related to certain colours and my dreams.  Even when I close my eyes I see images, colours, patterns, phantasy scenes like they want to escape after being hidden for all these years.

When I see the colours melting under my brush I am truly happy.

In July 2017 I sold my first painting, thank you, Rik, for trusting my skills and giving me my first professional assignment.

Below you can see a few of the many paintings I’ve done over the last months.


berlin art artist marzena bielecka (oil painting)


Oil on canvas 90x 60 cm

Painted spontaneously from memory after a weekend by the polish coast in May 2017.

FullSizeRender (6)


painting Marzena Bielecka berlin art


Oil on canvas 140x 100 cm

My first sold painting and a personal assignment for Rik. Is it an ocean? Is it another planet? I don’t know. I just kept waving.


marzena bielecka painting berlin art



painting art berlin Marzena Bielecka



Oil on canvas 80×60 cm
A spontaneous, intuitive landscape painting, painted fast before the first coffee.


A KISS IN 2017

A KISS IN 2017

oil painting Marzena Bielecka - berlin artist



Marzena Bielecka painting art berlin



oil painting Marzena Bielecka - berlin artist

LANDSCAPE , Acrylics 105x 70 cm



CHILDREN”S PLAY (censored version)

Oil 105×70 cm

Marzena Bielecka painting


Oil on canvas 90×90, training painting at Berlin Drawing art school

berlin drawing

A training life model painting at Berlin Drawing art school


Marzena Bielecka paintings berlin art oilpainting


July 2017 Oil on canvas 80×50 cm

Oil on canvas 80×50 cm


You can see more of my creative process on Instagram: @_colorful_black_ as well as the DARK SERIES at this blog.

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