Things to Do In Bali to Get The Most of Of This Lush Island Full Of Wonderful, Spiritual People

Bali  – the place of wonderful people, where luxury is served with a whole heart and beauty.

Do you dream about a place where you would will feel like the most awaited guest, being taken care of with a honesty coming from the bottom of the heart and full professionalism at the same time?

Where fresh tropical flowers smell every corner, starting from the jasmine petals thrown on your bed? Where even in a 8 dollar per night guest house a charming lady wearing a traditional sarong dress offers you a nicely presented breakfast with a fresh fruit salads and a home made cake?

Where you can change a landscape, temperature and vibes every half an hour of driving?

That’s Bali. Kind of big natal spa which gives you all you need to rest explore and have fun.

From crowded but still beautiful surfing spots like Kuta or Changgu, where the cool and wanna be cool kids from around the world show their tanned bodies in flashy bikinis parading with a surfing board u in a background of dramatic clifs, now abundantly covered by beach bars? Or maybe you want to explore misty highlands, lakes, vulcans and jungles of the central Bali?

Or maybe you prefer a laid back west and north bali, where chill vibes, forests and jumping dolphins compensate for the missing waves you could catch (if you could).

Whatever your preferences are, if you choose the right corner and travel with an open soul, Bali won’t disappoint you.

Why so many people travel to Bali?

Bali has so much to offer which appears somewhere between the lines. I believe that the vibes created by the sweet 4 million people living there creates the unique vibes which makes people to return there often.

The sincere smiles, honest and beautiful souls nourish by praying and open heart mentality. The lush green scenery. The colorful, friendly villages where colourful chickens sometimes can compete with paradise birds. Simple huts full of simple people with the best meaning of this word. Where money would never by a priority.

Balenese people are aware of what important values are.  There are so many more beautiful things to care about in the word , and the majority of Balenese people know it, especially when you distant yourself from the most touristy spots.

Gratitude and mindfulness aren’t just abstract notions listened about by wester people in podcasts by people cramped in the metro rushing to spend their hole day looking and the computer doing a job they don’t really like. Gratitude is present in every thing they do. It’s in balenese people’s blood.

Gods are being offered prays everyday. In such amazing ways! Processions, colourful ceremonies, smell of incenses, petals of flowers, artistic temples and monuments are present everywhere. In Bali almost every house looks like it was some kind of a temple.

Mindfulness is a way of living. It is effortless and goes without saying. When you talk with a person you take time to look them into their eyes and you wish them all the best from the bottom of your heart. It’s not beacuse you are special. It’s because you are a human.

Here is quick summary of our 12 day stay in Bali.

What Are The Things To Do In Bali?



Get massages! Pamper your body with some refined rituals, it’s most important thing you owe, for Gods sake!

Talk with local people, observe them. They may have less knowledge than an average western person but definitely they have more wisdom, which is priceless

Visit some temples.

Pray. If you befriend a local, ask them to take you to a ceremony

Listen to a balenese traditinal music

Watch one of the many traditional dances

Buy some quality hand made souvenirs

Rent a scooter and get lost.


Park Narodowy Zachodnie Bali

A village nearby to West Bali national park, covered by a jungle, with tiny white sandy beaches and coral reef you can visit on a rented boat. Locals in Permuteran were just wonderful. I felt I learn to become a better human being just by spending time around them.

We have stay in a lovely place called Hobbit’s House. Exactly like a name describes, they make you feel like you live in a some kind of fusion between and hobbit place (round wooden doors etc), with a balinese style shown in a pool devcorated with ganesa and other friendly god statues. The lovely staff and he owner was a Balenese person, which is always important for me to support local entrepreneurs making sure that my money benefits the community not some external interests).

There are a few interesting temples around, inhabited by monkeys and a beautiful Sumberkima Hill from where you can see the whole area. And of course West Bali National Park.

West Bali National Park

Jelen z Menjangan island

Lovina Beach

The beach is not spectacular, if you are running of time, skip it. We went there to see dolphins at dawn. The dolphins were there indeed, followed by 30 tourists boats chasing them. When I booked this trip I thought that we are going to be far away from the animals, peacefully letting them to enjoy their morning jumps. Nothing more wrong than that! Unfortunately something which could be a beautiful experience was rather a time feeling sorry for the animals chased by tourists. I regret participating in this and do NOT recommend.


If you want to see leg an or other dance taking place in Ubud Palaca or one of the many temples ( believe me you want to see this freakish dance!), try eqscuisite balenese food or some international cusine, buy some quality souvenirs and play with monkeys in a monkey forest that’s the place.

I recommend staying a bit outside of Ubud, in one of the luxirous (and cheap if you travel low season) villas around Ubud. You can rent a beautifully designed villa with excellent service ( we had room service bringing us food to our terries overviewing a jungle) for 25 US per night in the area of Tellellang rice fields.

Tenah Lot

When your have some  photoshop skills you could remove tourists from Uluwatu or Tenah Lot temples, once mysteriously erected on a rocks facing the ocean so they actually look like these photos you found on Google. If that’s not how you feel like spending time, better go a bit further and indulge yourself (indulge – that’s the perfect word for Bali!) in a lush, less touristy middle and north of the island. If you want to go there anyway, don’t miss the sunset Kecak dance around the fire! Compansate for the overcrowded place.


Once a beautiful coast village with a few yoga practitioners and surfurs nicely parading their six packs along the beach. Now,  the whole area, seemingly to Kuta is packed with tourists sipping drinks in newly constructed beach bars and surfers. If it’s your thing, go there. Echo beach is nice.

How to travel well and cheap in Bali:

travel low season

use apps to find good apartment deals (agoda.Com, Traveloka) and transport (Gojek). The cheapest places are either 2 months in advance or within a week before the arrival.

stay in places owned by locals

research well about organised activities involving animals

inform yourself about the right prices but don’t bargain if that’s not necessary. This people spend their whole day trying to sell someone a scarf. You won’t die if you overpay 1 dollar. If you want to spend money somewhere in Asia, Bali is a good place to do that.

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