How to Go to Sleep, Have Great Dreams and Wake Up Fresh

Seems like the easiest thing to do, right? Somehow more and more people complain about poor sleep quality, waking up tired. Most of us don’t even remember the dreams! Isn’t a waste if we spend 2/3 of our lives sleeping. It’s worth to pay a closer attention even solely for that!

But not only. Obviously the quality of your sleep influence all the other spheres of our lives. Today, Most of the health issues are caused because of the insufficient sleep. Sleep is the time when our body recovers its lost energy and heals the damaged cells. A human body is designed in a way that an adequate amount of sleep, Food, Water and Air can help us stay completely healthy for a long run in life. These four are the major aspects that help a human body to retains its strength and live life at its best.

Make a sleeping routine and stick to it

Doesn’t matter if you are an early bird, an evening owl or whatever flying dreamcatcher. Choose the sleeping hours which works the best for you and stick to them.

Our body has its own time clock that sets itself based on our daily habit and activities. Therefore you should be practising a certain bedtime routine strictly. In order to sync your body clock, you must have a regular sleep cycle. We aren’t children but we can benefit from sticking to a sleep schedule. You’ll find that when you do your comfort level at bedtime increase dramatically.


Days are bright and night are dark.  This is how our body works, days to stay active and nights to sleep. Any source of light will trigger our body to think that it is still daytime you will end up awake all night. Besides, a naturally occurring Melatonin that is responsible to make us sleep is highly affected by the lights. Brain release more Melatonin in the dark and lesser in the lights. Modern life has a lot to do with this points as the sun is not the only source of light in our life.

The same goes to the Blue Light Light emitted by the electronic devices can be your very first enemy for getting a good sleep. The gadget’s light they directly affect the melatonin production and takes away your precious sleep. Therefore, avoid using any sort of gadgets before sleep time.

Cool and Dark

Bed should be warm and cozy while the room should be cold and dark. A perfectly sleep-friendly ambiance. Too hot or too cold room can interrupt your sleep hence make sure the temperature is perfect for you.

Switch off thinking

We are bound to overthink during the time of sleep. All those wandering thoughts and daytime event plays a slideshow when you least want to think anything. Use relaxation techniques like breathing, muscle stretching or playing with your imagination to drift away from tedious reality into something more smooth, pleasant and dreamy.

A technique to switch off your thinking:

Imagine the most peaceful and quiet place for you. Get involved in this place. The sounds, smells, colours… Place a nice bed there, with a baldachin preferably. Lay down… and fall asleep with a blissful smile.

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