Things To Do In Guangzhou: My One Day In China


One day in China

While planning my travel I like to have a stopover somewhere in the city I wouldn’t normally think of visiting.

This time travelling to Philippines I had a stopover in Guangzhyou, China, which is  the third largest Chinese city, after Beijing and Shanghai Many passengers travelling with southern china stop there. Airlines provide a hotel, and most of the people use the opportunity to rest instead of visiting a city, which I consider as a waste of a good opportunity.

Never being to China before, I was expecting a huge chaotic city. In fact it was easy to travel around. Great metro system ensure you a transport directly form the airport to the center.

Despite of that Guangzhyou city alone is home to around 14 million people, I only had a vague impression that I know the name of the city province – Kanton. I was unfamiliar with what to see and how to get there.

My short adventure with China started from typing a name of the city in google images and heading to an info desk and showing with my finger “I want to see this, and that. I also want to go where young people go, please tel me which stop should I get off”.


Metro map was in chinese.

Next step was to take some local money and start my adventure. I took 100 yuan which is the lowest possible amount you can take from the local ATM. Being broke after Phillipines ( Palwan, voted the best island in 2014, which double the prices I expected to pay) I needed to keep China budget tight :)

What was not dificult! A whole one way ride to the center cost me 7 yuans.

When I put my finger on an image with full of chinese neons and a crowded street, lady at the info desk put her finger on  one s tation on my map.  It turns out to be called ‘Benging Le’ So there I went.

A street full of neons, western and asian stores. Young hype people strolling on the streets.  Nice!

I ate a true chines huddle soup paying 14 yuans in total.

My last stop was Canton Tower, a landmark of the city. I get of the metro station and look around me. Ive seen some skyrcypers shining from across the river. But come on where is the tower? I looked around. The tower raised behind me,  huuuge and beautiful its splendind. Wow.

I was waiting for my train back to the airport when a group of young envirenematal engeneriing students came over to have a little chat.

I asked if they like living in this huge city. They said “of course’! Guangzhyou, is a city of passion, one of the said. For me it was a very nice first impression of China.

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