New York Street Style


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New York, the wonderful city of contrasts.

New york street style is colorful, vibrant and divers. Overwhelming at first. The citizens seem to be full of energy and always on the move.

I came to New York City for the first time five years ago with my head full of expectations how the city looks like. My preconceptions were mostly based on the “pearls” of  cinematography such as TV series “Gossip Girl”, “Friends” or “Sex and the City” and some other productions. Based on that I assumed that at least half of the women in Manhattan wear  high heels from Manolo Blahnik like Carry Bradshaw and that coffee places has atmosphere similar to the cosy Central Perk from “Friends”  My vision was  a bit different” from the reality… 😉

At the beginning I did couch surfing an stayed in Harlem. There actually was kind of like in the movies. (That’s the feeling I got in the USA all the time). Like in TV series, boys were sitting on the stairs in front of the typical New York buildings and listening to rap from big boomboxes on full volume.

Didn’t know where to go after Harlem I decided to see Times Square/5th Avenue area first.

OMJ New york street style manhattan

OMJ new york street style manhattan 2

OMJ new york street style people

You know you want it.

OMJ new york street style nude

OMJ new york trump tower


After getting off the metro somewhere near Times Square, I was welcomed by a heavy rain, busy people rushing somewhere, tourists, shops with trashy clothes from China (all for 5$) and hot dogs for 1,5$. It was definitely not like the area of 5th avenue should look like according to my imagination.

After the first glimpse of rainy time square and catching an umbrella from one of these Chinese stores I started to walk. The more i walked through the city during the following days the more I loved it. Next year I was back in NYC as a group leader for an English course and spend there a month, which made me love it even more.

OMJ street style of new york

What New York is all about in one picture.

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OMJ new york street style men

Why this city is considered as the most amazing in the world? My bet would be that’s because you never know who and what you gonna see round the corner. New York is a mix of everything. A famous actor, a scientist, one of the richest people of that planet, a beggar, you can pass them all during a small walk.

People of every race and color, financiers rushing towards Wall Street, a beggar in fancy headphones, a drag queen in tremendous glittering hills, the obedient schoolgirls from a fancy school, a black gangsta-look guy from Harlem listening loud hip hop, a barefoot men walking with long bird and outfit like a Jesus… I’ve seen them all during one walk.. Energy from all these people is incredible and you feel it allover the city.

There is no single ‘New York Streetstyle’. An ordinary New Yorker shouldn’t look… ordinary.

OMJ new york street style man with dogs

omj new york street style

OMJ new york streetstyle Coney island

Photos: Marzena Bielecka, Olympus E420.  New York summer 2012 and 2013.

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