Tom Ford – ‘A Single Man’ (FILM)

‘A Single Man’ is a poetic a picture of a grieving man, directed by a fashion designer Tom Ford. It is also probably one of the most visually beautiful movies I’ve ever seen. Gorgeous models, splendid interiors, elegant fashion (from the 60s, when people would not even consider wearing snickers outside their own yard) and the exquisite soundtrack made this movie simply outstanding.

I don’t agree with the many critics that the film is too glossy and too perfect. In my opinion the all-too perfect scenes were needed to wonderfully heighten the loneliness and the emotional turmoil of all the pictured individuals.

The story takes place in the elegant settings of Los Angeles in 1962, where the main character George Falconer (Colin Firth), a middle-aged English college professor living in Los Angeles, suffers after loosing his longtime partner, Jim (Matthew Goode).

We can share with him a day of his life when he puts his affairs in order, after deciding that the day will be the very last one. Reminiscences of his lost love intersperse with the very intense interactions with other people. He meets among others his closest friend Charley (Julien Moore), who spent the whole day to enhance her fading beauty before meeting him, gorgeous immigrant from Madrid (Jon Kortajarena) and his young admirer (Nicholas Hoult).

Single man Tom ford

a single man house

A-Single-Man-little boy

Single Man

A single man Nicholas Hoult

Single man Nicholas Hoult

Single Man Charlie Julianne Moore

A-Single-Man-Julianne moore

A-Single-Man-Colin Firth and Julien Moore

A single man by tom ford, Julianne moore and colin firth

A-Single-Man-Jon Kortajarena

A-Single-Man-Jon Kortajarena lips

-Single-Man-Jon Kortajarena

Single Man Colin firth, Jon Kortajarena

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