Yoga – a self healing technique for mind and body

Feeling a tired and unmotivated? getting sick to easily? Want to look younger? Try yoga! I practice yoga for 4 years, and I must say that it not only boosted my immunology system but also help to maintain a good health in general.

Why should everyone incorporate yoga into their life?

The answer is simple: your mind and body are going to feel younger, happier and more relaxed. Here are just a few of many benefits of yoga which rejuvenates your body. Yoga can make you look younger by helping improve your skin, achieve better posture and a slimmer silhouette, all of which contribute to a more youthful appearance.

  • You Are Only As Young As Your Spine

Yoga keeps your spine supple. A lifetime of wear and tear on the spine can cause you to hunch over or slump unattractively. So, poor posture makes you look older. Yogic postures improve your posture by strengthening your back and shoulders, making it easier for you to stand tall. Yoga also works to release tension and alleviate the spinal kinks that happen when your daily activities require repetitive actions or sitting for hours at a time.

Yoga counteracts stiffness by stretching and strengthening various body parts that are not normally exercised during the course of the day.You don’t have to be flexible to start practising yoga but you definitely become more flexible if you do.

  • Slimmer posture without sweating.

Regular yoga practice can help you maintain a healthy weight or even lose a few pounds. How much weight you lose depends on how often you practice and how vigorously, but even a once-a-week yoga practice has been shown to help shed pounds. A  study found that adults who did yoga once a week for four or more years lost an average of five pounds, while the control group, who didn’t practice, gained 13.5 pounds.

  • Subtracting Years From Your Skin

The radiant way skin looks as a result of yoga practice has been described as a yogic glow. While yoga may not be able to erase fine lines and wrinkles, it can help prevent them from forming before their time. By alleviating stress, yoga can minimize the frowns that become wrinkles.

  • Sleeping Like A Baby

Yoga can improve your ability to catch up on your zzzz’s. Most adults need seven to eight hours of sleep to help their bodies recuperate from the daily stresses of life, but many people find that it’s hard to fall or stay asleep. That’s where yoga can help. By exercising your muscles and alleviating stress, you are more likely to fall asleep easily and stay asleep. They call it beauty sleep for a reason because being well rested is an important part of looking healthy and beautiful.

How Can Yoga Help you to heal the flu?

There are times when common cold and flu affects even the most devout of yoga practitioners, and of course, both these diseases are contagious too.  Yes, you can practice yoga while you have the flu.  If you’re so sick that you can’t get out of bed, simply meditate and utilize pranayama.  But if you are at a point where you feel you can practice asana, there are plenty of poses that can help you reduce the length of time you have the flu and how badly it affects you.

Though the flue doesn’t pose serious health concerns for people in good health, it can pave way for an exhausting and an annoying yoga experience. Practicing yoga while you have the flu takes the individual through the path that embraces a faster recovery rate, as yoga is known to possess inherent abilities that help regulate the immune system, as it also keeps the immune system to remain healthy and strong to ward off infections.

Though many individuals opt for over-the-counter medicine to drive away flu, regular practice of yoga helps the individual suffering from flu to recover at a faster rate. Stress is one of the prime factors that lead to flu, as stress hormones only affect the function the thymus, which shrinks in size, as it then becomes a poor producer pertaining to immune cells. Should you choose to practice yoga while you have the flu, you’ll find that the forward bends and restorative poses that produce a calming effect on the nervous system, the whole-body stress can get reduced, thus allowing the body to heal itself more efficiently.

Apart from general yoga practice, there are specific yoga postures that are put to use to enhance immune boosting abilities of specific organs pertaining to the immune system.  The upper back bends for chest opening helps in activating the thymus gland that is found at the centre of the chest. The beneficial postures include Pigeon, Cobra, Boat, Fish, Bow and the Bridge.  Also, when the immune cells get produced and circulated, the body is able to defend the attacks of viruses and bacteria.

Through inversions, the passive circulation related to the lymphatic system increases, which in turn paves for the production as well as the circulation related to the lymphatic system.  Inversions such as headstand, shoulder stand, plough as well as the pose where the legs are up against the wall help in enhancing the immune cells and lymph flow through the body.

The secondary organs related to the immune system, which are the lymph nodes in armpits and groin as well as spleen gets activated through hip openers and twists, and these organs are important production areas for immune cells. By practising yoga while you have the flu and incorporate specific yoga poses such as bound angle and pigeon, the organs of the immune system become strong and healthy to ward off the negative effects of flu.

Another significant yogic technique that aids in driving away the symptoms related to the cold and flu is nasal irrigationcalled the Jala Neti. This is but a yoga nasal wash, which helps to flush out the germs or bacteria that can pave way for infections. By practising this when you have the flu, and adopting various poses and practices of yoga, the practitioner can make sure to enjoy a healthy immune system, which helps in preventing as well as in aiding individuals to recover quickly from the flu.

Focusing on the physical discipline required for yoga and achieving the peace of mind that results from the practice can provide much-needed balance in a busy easily unbalanced life.

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